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A global presence in bioregulatory medicine

Our medications and our unique therapy system have become a success story around the world.
They have provided the foundation for our continued growth and international expansion. We have been growing exponentially for the last 30 years.
More than 1,400 employees work for Heel worldwide, 800 of them at our site in Baden-Baden, Germany. In addition, we have active and growing subsidiaries in other countries including Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile,Colombia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United States. Thanks to them and through exclusive distribution partners, our products are available in 50 countries worldwide.


We guarantee the highest quality

In an ever more interconnected world, reliable quality has become an issue of paramount importance.
We operate according to stringent pharmaceutical guidelines, e.g. on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). From harvesting the plants to packaging the finished medications, every step is meticulously controlled. This helps guarantee the highest quality assurance for every preparation – whether it is used in New York,Johannesburg, Bogotá or Kiev.